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Cedar Lakes Homes Weekly Report 11/14/08-11/20/08


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As of today (November 20, 2008 12 PM there are 8 active homes in Cedar Lakes (-1 from last week) and 6 homes that are currently under contract and 0 homes that have sold in the last 30 days.

Here’s the breakdown of all active listings in MLS:

Condos- 5 - Average DOMP - 101 days

Cedar Lakes A - 2 (1 regular sales)
Christopher at Cedar Lakes - 4 (2 short sales, 1 bank owned, 1 regular sale)

Townhomes- 3 - Average DOMP - 69 days

Carr at Cedar Lakes - 1 (regular sale)
Cedar Lakes - 2 (2 short sales)


According to MLS, there was 0 new listing this week.


According to MLS, there are 3 townhomes (1 short sale, 1 regular sale, 1 bank owned) and 3 condos under contract (1 short sale, 2 regular sale)

4256 Wheeled Caisson Sq - (12 DOMP) TH 3bd/3ba

12491 Hayes Ct #202 - (23 DOMP) Condo 2bd/2ba

4338 THOMAS BRIGADE LN - 16 Days On The Market (DOMP) TH - 4bd/3ba

12437 ERICA HILL LN - (90 DOMP) TH - 4bd/3ba

12461 HAYES CT #203 - (41 DOMP) Condo 2bd/2ba

4310R CANNON RIDGE CT #90 - (218 DOMP) Condo 2bd/2ba

I will have the final numbers for these once they close


According to MLS, 0 homes have sold in the last 30 days .

Fairfax Condos Sold for 2007 vs. 2008

Fairfax Townhomes Sold for 2007 vs 2008

These stats are for all real estate in the 22033 zip code for the Month of October
2008 2007 % Change
Total Sold $ Volume $13,514,790 $17,929,266-24.6%
Avg. Sold Price$409,539 $484,575 -15.4%
Median Sold Price $374,000 $410,000-8.7%
Total Units Sold 3337 -10.8%
Avg. Days on Market8187 -6.9%
Avg. List Price for Solds: $432,953 $515,425 -16%
Avg. Sale Price as a percentage of Avg. List Price: 94.59% 94.01%


There has been 1 listings that have been taken off the market in the last 30 days.

RENTALS - 1 new condo has come on the market this week

There are currently 4 townhomes and 5 condos for rent

Townhomes - 3 - (3bd/3ba) 1 - (4bd/3ba)
Condos - 4 - (2bd/2ba) 1 - (3bd/2ba)

4 townhomes have been rented out in the past month.

If you need any help finding a rental or listing your condo for rent, please contact us.

We will take care of all the work for you and do background checks on the applicants to make sure they are qualified.


My first observation is we need to watch the current condo under contract at Christopher at Cedar Lakes. 4310R CANNON RIDGE CT #90 - (218 DOMP) Condo 2bd/2ba The reason being, it does not appear to be a short sale or bank owned property, but what is interesting is that they are under contract and it was listed at 375k. There is no way in our market right now that this sells for 375k. Its just not logical. There are cheaper ones in the same building! It is supposed to close Nov. 25th. So when that date comes we will keep an eye on it and see what the deal is. I am sure owners here will also be interested in this.

There really was not much movement this week. We will continue to monitor the short sale market and bank owned properties here, because that will determine what everyone elses prices are.

Disclaimer: Information was gathered from the MLS and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.