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What I Did This Past Week

If all you care to read is about Northern Virginia Real Estate then you probably should just scroll down :) I will refrain from work related activities as much as I can in these blogs :) I try to stay active in the Fairfax Area and from time to time I am sure there might be a good recommendation in this blog for places to go or see.

I help coach a 14u baseball team and our season just came to an end. They are a travel team and the best 14u kids in northern virginia, we lost 3 games all fall! My mens softball team fall season also came to a close and we got 2nd place in division 7. We messed up the last game of the season or else we could have won 1st. Needless to say I am going to have lot more time on my hands !

And that brings us to Halloween. Every year around Halloween time I try to have a HUGE halloween party for all my friends and their friends. My fasciantion with Halloween all started back in college, when our school had a massive haunted halloween house that they transformed each year and had 1000's going through each weekend. I worked as a zombie or some other dead scary person for 4 years and then my 5th year I had my own room !!! We had a scary childs bedroom and the theme was jack in the box with scary clowns everywhere, it was awesome !!

But anyway, we had our halloween party on Nov 1st and it was a hit again ! at one point we had close to 150 people in our townhome ! lol To our surprise the neighbors next store, never called the cops (every party we have had, she has called the cops) So it was a hit and to this day, I am still cleaning up the house !

This past week was very unique and fun. I totally recommend doing this by the way. We went for a stroll through old town Alexandria. There are many walking tours and self guided tours and its just so much fun to see the character there. If you get a chance you need to walk by Lord Fairfax's house and just imagine living there! It is directly across the street from George Washingtons Alexandria townhome.

So on that theme of going back in time and finding out more about our US history, the next day we went to Mt. Vernon. I had not been here since highschool and last time I was here was 2 years ago for a wedding, but at that time we just stayed in the restaurant (excellent by the way)

So we decided to do the National Treasure tour, based on the movie, it was an extra 5$ and you go to a couple places that ordinary guest dont get to see, like the basement of George Washingtons home ! I will not ruin the tour for you, but if you have a day to spend at Mt. Vernon its a lot of fun ! I heard during Christmas time they open up the top level of the home and that this is the only time of the year you get to go up there. Might be worth checking it out.

This upcoming weekend two of my friends are having a huge bday blow out that already has over 100 people attending ! I am sure there might be some excellent stories coming out of this.